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Class photos

  • Six Puppies practicing Down commandEven puppies can be trained! Here six puppies practice their down-stay.
  • Haley the beagleHere is Haley, an 11-year-old Beagle, adopted as a 10-year-old from PHS by the Hogans from Pacifica. This family realized that even a young dog, let alone a puppy, would be way too much for them to handle. They made the right decision as Haley turned out to be a very sweet, loving dog who was enrolled for the very first time in a training class as an older dog. Older dogs CAN learn new tricks! Since then, the Hogans have also adopted an 8-year-old Boxer mix from the local shelter.
  • A Wiredhaired Pointer Griffon dog wearing a scarfChloe is a 1 1/2 year old Wiredhaired Pointer Griffon. She was the Top Dog in one of Martina's Games and Tricks classes. Here she is modeling her new scarf which was part of the prize!
  • Jax the black lab works on a trick in Games & Tricks. Notice the doggie treats sitting on top of each paw while Jax waits patiently.
  • Martina and her dog Kelsie are shown here tracking. There's an object somewhere in this field that Kelsie must find. Unlike most dog activities, in tracking, the leash is kept taut so the dog can lead the handler.
  • dog in trainingMartina demonstrates with a student during her aggressive dog class. This class specializes in training methods for, and the special needs of, dogs who are dominant and/or aggressive toward people or other dogs.
  • Martina and Patrick sheep herdingHere's Martina working with one of her own dogs, a border collie named Patrick. Border collies require tremendous physical exercise and mental stimulation to be happy, healthy pets. This one was extremely lucky to end up with Martina. He was rescued after being separated from his mother at just four weeks of age. Now he is learning the art of sheep herding!
  • Patrick runs the weave polesPatrick in the agility tunnel Patrick and Martina are working on agility training using weave poles (left) and the tunnel (right).
  • Dog wearing a gentle leaderThis dog is wearing a head halter called a Gentle Leader. It is not a muzzle! It lets you guide your dog easily without putting pressure on her neck or throat. Dogs wearing Gentle Leaders can still bark, eat, drink, or do anything else they normally do.
  • Two dogs meetingThese dogs are meeting each other for the first time. The Golden Retriever on the right demonstrates what not to do when introducing your dog to new friends: your dog should be on a loose leash, not pulled tight like this one. Being on a loose leash helps him feel more confident and secure, so he's less likely to think he needs to "defend" himself against the new dog.