After nearly 30 years in the dog training business, I have decided to retire and pursue other passions in my life. But no worries, I won’t leave you without assistance! For the past few years I have been transitioning my classes and lessons over to Tasha Suda and Maria Eguren. Both are very knowledgeable and skilled dog trainers, certified and licensed and with many years of experience. I have received countless fabulous reviews about both of them from a variety of clients. I’ve worked with Tasha and Maria over the years at various occasions and have always liked their upbeat personalities and style. Please see their bios on our group class page. It is my intention to officially transfer ownership over to Tasha in early 2022.

It has been my pleasure (for the most part 🙂 ) to work with so many clients over the these past decades. Wishing you all the best!

—Martina Contreras

Martina Contreras is a certified dog trainer offering group classes, private consultations, and workshops in and around Redwood City, California. She has trained hundreds of clients and numerous shelter dogs in basic obedience, and has rehabilitated special-needs dogs with a wide range of behavior problems such as fear biting, dog/child aggression, extreme shyness, and more. She has also trained both deaf and blind dogs.

Martina is also a volunteer trainer with Peninsula Humane Society’s TAILS program, which pairs dogs with behavioral issues with county inmates who provide intensive training. Martina teaches inmates how to train the dogs in order to increase the adoption potential of these animals. You can read more about the TAILS program here.

Certification and accreditation

Seminars and workshops completed

  • Several week-long Annual Association of Pet Dog Trainers conferences, since 1997
  • Seven day Wolf and Dog Behavior Seminar, Indiana, June 2000
  • Six day Advanced Instructor Training Course, January 2003
  • Ten day John Rogerson Instructor Seminar, March 2003
  • Aggression Workshop by John Rogerson, October 2003
  • Workshops by individual trainers/speakers, including Sue Sternberg, Trish King, John Rogerson, and Donna Duford, with subjects including:
    • Temperament evaluation
    • Stress in shelter animals
    • Handling difficult dogs
    • Aggression (dog/dog and dog/human)

Membership and affiliations

  • Member, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, #002234
  • Member, Animal Behavior Society (ABS)

Awards and recognition

  • Animal Protection Volunteer of the Year, San Mateo County, 1997
  • Time Commitment to the Animals, Pets in Need, 1996


Martina has always been an avid animal lover; before coming to America, she spent most of her summers on a farm in her native Germany, bottle-feeding calves, piglets, and anything else with four legs. She walked her neighbors’ dogs and cared for other people’s cats. When she moved to the United States in 1989, Martina immediately became interested in animal rescue organizations, and soon thereafter adopted her first dog from Peninsula Humane Society. She also started fostering newborn puppies and kittens until they were old enough to be adopted. Of course, if you’re involved in rescue work, your house is soon full of animals. Martina and her husband have lived with, at various times, six different dogs and two cats, all from various animal shelters and rescue groups. You can read about Martina’s dogs here.

Martina started training her own dogs in 1990 and quickly became involved in training other people’s dogs, just for fun. Martina began working as a volunteer dog trainer at Pets in Need, and soon realized she’d found her calling. She officially started her own training business in 1997, and has worked full-time as a dog trainer and behaviorist since then.

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