Medium sized blonde dog, Jeffrey
  • Knock Out Dog Fighting
    A non-profit organization dedicated to end the horrific abuse of dogfighting.
  • Tonya Perme Photography
    Professional photographer Tonya Perme specializes in portraits of both people and their dogs, cats, and horses. Tonya created the terrific photos of Martina’s dogs — Patrick, Ray, Jimmy, and Jeffrey — which you see throughout this website.
  • TAILS Program – A project of Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
    Martina is a volunteer trainer with Peninsula Humane Society’s TAILS (Transitioning Animals Into Loving Situations) program, which pairs dogs with behavioral issues with minimum-security county inmates who provide intensive training. Martina teaches inmates how to train the dogs in order to increase the adoption potential of these animals. According to the PHS website: “Transformations are remarkable; the inmates’ work is directly responsible for TAILS dogs being placed into new, permanent homes.” In turn, the dogs help inmates learn skills, patience, and provide a useful and meaningful activity during the inmates’ incarceration period.
Martina with seven jail inmates and four dogs from the TAILS program
Martina with a TAILS class