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Martina is frequently asked: Can dogs and cats get along together?
The answer is yes! Cats and dogs can be the best of friends, as demonstrated here by German Shepherds Jill and Colt, and Patches the cat.

  • The importance of training People often ask why I am still obedience training my four dogs. After all, they have been trained for many years ever since I took them in. My answer is simply that I enjoy having well behaved dogs around me... more
  • Managing your dominant aggressive dog First and most important rule: "Nothing in life is free." Make your dog work for EVERYTHING that is valuable to him: his meals, treats, going outside, being walked, his toys. ... more
  • Separation anxiety One of the most common reasons for dog owners to seek professional help due to a behavior problem is separation anxiety. The good news is that separation anxiety is very treatable and has a high success rate if handled properly... more
  • Thunder/Noise anxiety A brief list of suggestions for helping dogs overcome their fear of thunder or other loud noises... more
  • Dog park etiquette Dog parks have become a popular thing in our dog loving culture, at least where we live. I personally visit dog parks regularly with all of my dogs and also clients' dogs, but I'm the first to forewarn friends and clients about the downsides.... more
  • Dog bite facts Facts about dogs bites: did you know that 77% of dog bites involve a dog owned by family or friends of the victim?.... more
  • So you think you want a puppy... Raising a puppy is a far bigger responsibility than many people think. Learn from the mistakes Martina has seen owners make, and consider this before acquiring a puppy.... more